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Frequently Asked Questions about our car loans

Can I apply for a car loan if I have a low or bad credit score?

Yes, you can. We understand that everyone's financial circumstances can be different, even if you have had credit issues in the past. Even if your credit score isn’t as high as you would like, we still consider your application and assess it based on your current financial circumstances, as we consider a variety of factors when approving a car loan application.

Can I apply for a car loan if I am on Centrelink?

Yes, you can. If you are working and also receive Centrelink income you may be eligible. Get your loan estimate now by filling in the form and find out if you qualify. 

Can I apply for a loan that is not a car, like a motorcycle loan with Green Light Auto Group?

Yes, you can. You can borrow up to $25,000 for motorcycles depending on the level of lending you can qualify for. 

Click on 'Get My Quote Now’, fill in the form and find your personalised loan quote. 

Is there a credit check?

We do credit checks once we have established your eligibility by using our quote tool. In doing a quote we may use CC Acquisitions to perform a soft enquiry that does not impact your credit score and is free of charge. Only once you formally apply and provide your consent, we may perform a credit enquiry for us to assess your individual financial situation.

What documents do I need to supply?

To enable your loan application to be assessed, you are required to provide the following minimum documents:

  • 90 days of bank statements (up to today’s date). The bank statements must relate to the bank account where your income is deposited and where all of your transactions take place (this may be more than one bank account)
  • Payslips in the last 30 days or current Centrelink income statement
  • Current Australian Drivers License

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